Spanish 2024

Spanish Language January 2024

Thank you for your interest in Pan American Language!

Our next Spanish Language group courses are scheduled to begin in JANUARY 2024.  All courses will be offered at our training centers and/or through our LiveOnline Service. Below you will find the schedule:

Tuesday and Thursday

January 30th  thru  May 16th

5:30pm – 7:00pm

7:10pm – 8:40pm

Candidates are evaluated, if necessary, to determine their level of knowledge. The next step would be to schedule an appointment for the placement evaluation and, if you enroll, the cost is included.  Conversely, if you do not enroll, the cost would be $25 and the evaluation would be valid for one (1) year.

For payment you have several options:

  1. CHRISTMAS SPECIAL  ($695): If you pay the entire amount you receive the admission ticket (without any conditions), your seat is secured and do not have to return until the first day of class. This option saves you $100 from our regular price. VALID UNTIL DECEMBER 15TH, 2023.
  2. FULL PAYMENT ($795): From December 16th on, if you pay in full, you receive the admission ticket, your seat is reserved and do not have to return until the first day of class. This option saves you the $75 payment plan fee.
  3. PAYMENT PLAN ($870):  You will have a first payment of $288.75 plus three monthly installments of $193.75. The payment plan has a $75 fee that is included in this breakdown.  To apply for the Payment Plan, you must provide two (2) separate accounts as collateral (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, check, deposit slip, or bank statement). It is important that these guarantees are not from the same account. For example, you cannot bring an ATM with a VISA logo + an Account Statement from that same account. You must bring all documents and a valid ID when filling out the Payment Plan Contract. This payment plan is NOT available for Corporations.

Any student that has taken courses with Pan American Language receives an $95 discount for registration fee.

Here are links to videos of how we are working the evaluations and courses LiveOnline:

We are looking forward to help you become bilingual!