Spanish Inmersion Program

Thank you for your interest in PanAmerican Language!

Our Spanish Immersion Program are offered on a weekly basis. Candidates will be evaluated (if necessary) for placement purposes. Classes will be held from 9am to 12pm Monday thru Friday or 1pm to 4pm in our San Patricio and/or Caguas Centers. Students can expect to attain basic communication skills after completing at least three (3) weeks of training. All courses are offered at our training centers and/or LiveOnline. 

The objectives for the program are:

  • To help your stay in Puerto Rico more rewarding
  • To introduce you to Caribbean and specifically the Puerto Rican culture
  • To develop adequate vocabulary including current idiomatic use
  • To expand conversational abilities with emphasis on social and job-related situations
  • To increase comprehension of Spanish as a spoken language

You can opt for one-, two- or three- week training program depending on your travel arrangements. The training will include a one-day sightseeing field trip to a pre-determined destination. The instructor will accompany the students during the field trip for Spanish integration, hands-on activities and cultural awareness.

Spanish Immersion Program 

One week training: $800 for 20 lessons [Monday thru Friday 3hrs per day = 15hrs]

Two (2) week training: $1,600 for 40 lessons [Monday thru Friday 3hrs per day = 30 hrs]

Three (3) week training: $2,400 for 60 lessons [Monday thru Friday 3hrs per day = 45hrs]

All courses require an $95 registration fee. Books not included. Programs must be paid in full two weeks prior starting date. No payment plan available, no refunds and no cancellations of classes allowed.

We hope to hear from you soon!