Spanish for Executives


  • Individual or couple training available
  • Typical program has sixty (60) 45-minute training lessons
  • Weekly classes meet twice a week for 1.5 hours covering two lessons per class


  • Prospective students have to be evaluated to determine level of knowledge (if any).
  • Progress and Final evaluations are submitted to company  to assess student’s progress in the training.


  • Eclectic teaching – methods and techniques adapt to student’s or group’s learning style
  • Training will provide time for self-confidence development, word pronunciation and vocabulary expansion.


  • Program adapted to suit your individual needs
  • Objectives:
    • To help your stay in Puerto Rico more rewarding
    • To introduce you to Caribbean and specifically the Puerto Rican culture
    • To develop adequate vocabulary including current idiomatic use
    • To expand conversational abilities with emphasis on social and job-related situations
    • To increase comprehension of Spanish as a spoken language

A charge will be added if given at Client’s facilities.