For over 25 years, PanAmerican Language has been providing services to thousands of professionals at hundreds of companies in all industries. We are a locally owned family business that understands the needs of corporations operating in Puerto Rico. We offer language training at our centers, or we can send an instructor to your company. We are innovators in the field of education, and we can adapt our curriculum to your needs, requirements and special projects. If you wish to receive a proposal, please complete the following Request for Proposal and our Corporate Accounts Department will send it to you as soon as possible.

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Aquí un ejemplo de una clase de japonés usando nuestro servicio LiveOnline:

Pan American Language Institute is the best solution for your translation needs. Our translators are highly qualified in different professional fields such as: Science, Law, Medicine, Pharmaceutical, Tourism, Business and others. We make sure that the assigned translator completely masters the language and has prior experience and knowledge of the professional field that he or she will be working on. We collaborate closely with the client to guarantee the desired result when translating terminology used in any particular industry. In addition, every translation undergoes a final revision to guarantee the highest level of quality. We work quickly and effectively through e-mail, fax and/or Internet, and we deliver our translations in hard copy and/or electronically. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our services, as is the case with all of our domestic and international clients.

Costs vary depending on the number of pages or words to translate, professional field, due date, translator’s availability, languages involved, editing required and document format.  In order to make an adequate estimate we request that you send us the document or a sample (with the approximate number of pages).  At Pan American Language Institute we offer TRANSLATION SERVICES in the following languages:


We can also provide these services in other languages depend on the availability of translators.

If you wish to request translation services, press here.

There are two types: Simultaneous Interpretation and Consecutive Interpretation. Simultaneous Interpretation is where the audience uses receivers, and the interpreter uses a transmitter. This way the interpreter is translating at the same time that the speaker is talking.On the other hand, Consecutive Interpretation is more practical and used more frequently. In this type of interpretation, the speaker expresses an idea and stops; then the interpreter translates the idea expressed by the speaker. For this type of interpretation no special equipment is needed; thus, the audience listens to both the original message and the interpreter’s translation. At Pan American Language Institute we offer both INTERPRETATION services in the following languages:


We can also provide this service in other languages depending on the availability of interpreters and the client’s needs.

It is important to obtain a copy of the speaker’s materials prior to the interpretation. This helps the interpreter convey the original mesage more accurately.  In addition, the interpreter should meet with the speaker at least fifteen (15) minutes before the conference to establish the rhythm for the interpretation. If the interpretation does not entail a pre-established message, it is even more important for the interpreter and the speaker to meet so that they are on the same page.   All of our interpreters are professionals knowledgeable in several professional fields such as: Science, Law, Medicine, Pharmaceutical, Tourism, Business and others.In


Language training in: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and others. Individual, couple, and group courses; daytime, evening and/or Saturday classes available. Groups are small (3-10 students) so that everyone has the opportunity to participate and benefit from each class. We are able to send the teacher to your company or the student can take classes in our facilities. .


We use different methods and techniques that respond to the needs of our students. (Please visit the section on Methodology)


Academic Integrity, Flexibility, Cost-Benefit and Experience.


  • Develop oral communication skills
  • Increase vocabulary and practice its use in a professional context
  • Improve listening comprehension skills
  • Develop the student’s self-confidence when expressing his/her ideas in the language
  • Identify and correct structural and verb conjugation problems when constructing sentences